Orbs: It seems that everyone that films them has a different answer to what they are and do. I have filmed them my-self. I have used a phone camera, a simple camera, a large camera with attachments. The pictures are mostly pretty much the same. I set my intent to film what is called orbs. Sometimes they are there soon and sometimes it takes longer and sometimes not at all. They come in different colors, sizes, shapes and some with pictures in them and some with just lines. They are inside buildings and outdoors. I have added some places you can go on the web and see for yourself. These 3 pictures were taken by me and only on this page.


   The web has many sites when you google the name orbs. Some have scary music playing, some are people just talking, some are saying they are spirits, some are saying they are dust particles etc. Take your camera and try it yourself. I can personally tell you that I have not seen dust on top of snow where I live. But I also don't care to debate it or prove it to anyone. You have to do your own photos.

ORBS--What Are They?
     If you are interested in learning more about the true "nature" of a tropospheric plasma orb, a careful study of our sample film and digital camera images, as well as all supporting scientific research work and theories, is an excellent place for you to begin. "Initial Study on the Nature of Orbs" under our Research link button on the Home Page, contains many groundbreaking observations and theories in the area of plasma energy physics and ball lightning, and you will find it is written in an easy to understand manner for "beginners" just venturing into this fascinating new field of tropospheric energy studies. We hope you enjoy learning more about Unified Field Plasmoids, and that our work will inspire your own further discoveries and contributions from around the world.
     John and Jan Beans have since July of 1999 been photographing Orbs and using Dowsing as a method of exploring them, their current status here on Earth, and in our dimension. As multi-dimensional beings, some Orbs are currently being used by Interplanetary life forms to view life on Earth and on other planets. Similar to looking through a window.

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