Love’s Blessing Between Dimensions

     This is Ariana, sitting together with Shannon, her husband, Len and their family friend, Marianne, who is interested in finding out if she can talk to her husband in Spirit.  They shared a great love, living in western Canada and they had an interesting and long life.  That is why we got together at this time. 
     The guide’s name, who I will invite to assist us, is Kataan.  He comes to me to explain about the life following our life where our beloved family and friends have gone before us.  Kataan is a spiritual name but he was a gentleman who I knew that lived in Vancouver, Canada.  He is very interested in helping us learn what it is like on the other side.  He has assisted me and our Cloverleaf family in this capacity for many years. 
     Meditation is just sitting quietly but when I speak for Spirit, you can watch what is happening because sometimes the facial, hand and body expressions are part of the message that can be very interesting to see.
     We will go into meditation now and then later I will ask Marianne to give me her husband’s name and talk about him a little bit so I can tune into him and find him on the other side.  First though, we will answer your inquiry about my involvement and personal experience with Spirit.

Ariana:  I had a mother who was interested in the philosophy of understanding life after our physical life and I’m so glad that she gave me that grounding so I was not afraid of the idea of spirits.  When she knew she was dying of lung cancer and the doctors had sent her home, she said to me, “I’m not afraid to go.  I know my family will meet me (she was born into a large family) and it will be exciting in different ways because I’ll be with the family again.”  She had a very optimistic outlook about her coming transition and her sharing about it was a boost for me. 
     After she passed and I inherited her books, I was intrigued with her large collection and the subjects of her choice.  She was a closet reader in the sixties and was doing extensive research.  She had imported books about the life beyond Third Dimension from publishers in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Imagine having a mother, back in those days, who was intrigued about flying saucers, as they called them at the time (with laughter while she enjoyed the memories) and alien activity.  My mom had a huge library of UFO books such as “Flying Saucers Have Landed” by George Adamski, “Steps to the Stars” by Daniel Fry and “Aboard a Flying Saucer” by Truman Bethurum.  Eventually in reading about the presence of alien beings and abductions I decided I had enough and went into my own personal life until my late forties when I had my own dark night of the soul through bodily pain and the resulting spiritual awakening or perhaps it could be called a re-awakening.
     Another thing I would like to tell you about is the difference between religion and spirituality.  When I was living in Honolulu, I went to a psychic/intuitive reader, a very dapper and kind young man who had pictures of Mother Mary and Jesus on his table.  I thought to myself, “What in the world is a psychic reader doing with such pictures? He must be religious.”  (I didn’t understand the difference back then.)  Later I learned that there are many masters in the invisible realms and we can ask for any of them that we want as a teacher for us or as a contact on the other side.  You don’t have to go through the ministers of religion. You can ask directly without going through a priest and it can be any time at your convenience, not only on Sundays at church. Now as a channel, I do deal with some of those beings. 
     I have now channeled Jesus, Sananda, Archangel Lord Michael and other archangels, Mother Mary and several others. They pass messages along through me.  I just wanted you to know that the only difference between religion and spirituality is that in religion people depend upon a minister or priest to guide them and act as a go-between for requests and prayers to God. With spirituality and meditation, we go directly to the energies of God, through which our guides and teachers assist us. 
     Therefore, we will do a little prayer before we start.  

Opening to Spirit

Ariana:  (Leading into the meditation.)  We come in the name of our Heavenly Creator to do a work of love, to make a connection between lovers and to see if we can endeavor to find out more about the spiritual realms and where our loved ones now live.  We are under total divine protection as we do this work, all seven of our bodies are protected and we send love to those who can help us from the other side.  We ask our guides and teachers in spirit to come and be close to us now and I particularly invite Kataan to come and for him to bring Ronald to our session for a visit with Maxine.  We sit now in meditation as we await our connection. 
     Now, when you sit like this in meditation and you ask your guides to come to you, sometimes you will feel tingles.  I can feel them on my face; they are there already.  It feels so good, like magic dust on the face.  Sometimes you’ll feel it in your fingers, even your legs and knees.  It’s a sign that spirit is close and that our vibrations have raised so much that we can touch them while they can touch us. 
Kataan:  (He spoke through Ariana in a much stronger voice than her usual way of speaking.)  Good afternoon, this is Kataan with you in love and Light.  I am so happy to be included in your gathering!  There is so much joy in the connections that we can make.  I send you my love and wish to let you know that my interest in doing this type of connections is all about teaching people who live in the Third Dimension what it is like in the Fourth Dimension Spirit World.              
     It is lovely; it is beautiful and there is a very different set of physics than you live with in your dimension.  There is a lot to it and a lot of differences as well.
     Now Marianne, would you like to tell us something about your dear husband?
     Marianne Speaks Of Her Beloved Without Hesitation
Marianne:  (In a sweet and loving voice), Ronald was a good man, very kind and what he did on Monday was important all week.  He was always helpful to others and we cared very much for each other; it was a great and wondrous love.  When he crossed over, I’m glad he didn’t suffer because he wouldn’t have liked that.
Ariana:  Oh, Marianne, that is so beautiful!  How long ago did he leave?
Marianne:  As far as I know, yesterday but I can’t tell you.  I don’t want to know.
Ariana:  All right.  That’s fine.  He went quickly!  What was that about?
Marianne:  He had been sick for a long time and I didn’t push him and I didn’t know enough to make him go to doctors.  When his time came, he put his paint brush down and collapsed. He was gone four hours later.  We were just three blocks from the hospital but it didn’t matter.  That’s the way he would have wanted it. 
Ariana:  Thank you.  (Pause for Kataan to come through.) 
Kataan:  Yes Marianne, dear one, I am so pleased to tell you that I have Ronald here and he wishes to give you a big hug.  You might have to use your imagination but Ronald wishes so dearly to be able to show you his energy, to show you, Marianne that he still loves you deeply and dearly, to let you know that he is with you as a personal guide at all times.  You are never, ever alone.  He understands your heart.  He wishes he had understood your heart better when he lived on the planet but now he knows it more and so he is even more in love with you than he was then, in spiritual ways that can be very, very deep and very, very profound.
     There is nothing whatsoever to forgive with regard to any little marital upsets we may have had.  It is all a part of life, living and the lessons that we had to learn. 
Ariana:  It seems he is talking directly to you now, Marianne, with Kataan’s help. 
Ronald:  So you see, we chose to be together, Marianne, on the planet to learn those lessons and to become more spiritually inclined and to therefore be able to be teachers, not formal teachers but simply role models for other people and, Marianne, that’s what we were.  We were role models.  We were those whom other people could emulate and we took seriously our philosophies, individual and together. 
     It was one of the best decisions I ever made, Marianne, to be with you for my lifetime.  I am thrilled and honored that you chose me as I chose you.  I knew the sweetness; I knew the depth and the politeness of you. 

 The Beauty of the Transition Was Amazing

Ronald:  I did not suffer at the end and those days of illness only served to prepare me.  My crossing, over to the other side, was profoundly beautiful.  It is almost as if I was going into a psychedelic sea of gorgeous color and the amazing, amazing feelings that are generated by the death process are not physical feelings; they are emotional feelings.  When you go to the other side, you have your emotional body with you and that’s how you feel and when you cry.  You have your mental body with you and that’s how you think, read and talk.  Then you have your spiritual bodies with you.  Everything is kept together except the physical body.  I just followed my heart and I kind of knew what to do, intuitively, I guess.  Unknown to me, I had done it before, many times.
     At first, when I came out of my body, I saw me laying there and at that moment I thought, “Wow – look at me!  I guess this is it!  I guess I’ve severed from my body but isn’t that strange!  I feel just like Ronald.  I feel just like me but he’s there, lying lifeless.”  It felt kind of strange but I thought I’d better follow the light I saw because I didn’t know what else to do.  I followed the light and it took me to the most wondrous, wondrous area of love.  Now I am well ensconced in Spirit.  I am loving it!  I am in a whole other life.  It still involves you, Marianne, because of my commitment to be your guide for your entire lifetime.  It involves a lot of other things as well because, you see, when we are in Spirit we have a lot of capabilities that you, in the physical, do not have and those capabilities mean we can do a lot.  It’s easier too.  We don’t have to eat.  We don’t have to sleep.  If we want something carried from here to there, we just think and it’s done.   It’s very easy to live over here.  There are no dishes to wash!

Sharing of a Deep Love

Ronald:  My dear Marianne, I love you so very deeply and I love you for asking to speak with me.  I am thrilled that you wanted this connection.  Just know that when your time comes it will all be lovely.  It will be almost automatic.  Only dwell upon love.  Ask for an angel, if you want, or ask for me.  You’ll get us, all of us, the angels and me but your time is not yet and so we are together in a different way.
     If you like, Marianne, we can work upon a signal, a touch whereby you will know it is me.  Would you like to do that Marianne?
Marianne:  (In a very emotional voice,) very much!
Ronald:  At this time, in this house, do you feel any different energy?  Do you feel anything around your head or your neck, your cheeks or your hands that is a little bit different? 
Marianne:  I feel tears running down my face.
Ronald:  Yes, I understand and that’s what is happening with the channel too, because of my emotion.  So, dear Marianne, when you are sitting quietly and with love in your heart and you think of me, Ronald, then you know I am with you.  You can think to me or you can say your feelings out loud and I will know them.  I will not hear you in the way you hear with a physical body but I can know if I tune in what it is that you are saying or thinking and then we can have a conversation back and forth, just we two, together. 
     Now Marianne, I know that sounds a little bit beyond what you thought you could do but it is like becoming a little child again.  Use your imagination.  Think what I might say and then you answer.  Then think what else I might say and you can answer that.  You will never know how real it is but you will be, indeed, tuning into my energy and you will be able to have a conversation with me.   It is about pretending  and playing with your invisible friend like little children sometimes do.  It is about contacting your beloved in Spirit intentionally.
     And, Marianne, there is another way we could be in touch.  Maybe this would be more real for you.  Could you write?  Do you like to write letters at this time of your life?  No?  Well maybe that wouldn’t work for you then (with a little laugh).  Maybe just the sitting, the thinking and the pretending would be more meaningful for you.
Ariana:  At this time, Ronald is stretching his arms out towards you. 
Kataan:  He is enveloping you in his love.  He is thanking you for all the years, all the joys, the beingness of your heart and the lightness of your spirit.  He is knowing your grief because of the separation.  He is knowing also that you have processed this well, that you are a very sensible lady who now is very self sufficient in her own life and is carrying on beautifully and so it is to your credit that you have been able to process this separation and still have so much love in your heart. 
     So carry on with your life, dear one.  Carry on with your life, knowing that you are safe within the arms of Ronald at all times; safe because those in Spirit are watching over you.  They don’t watch you with eyes.  They watch over your thoughts.  That is how they know you so well because they can tune into your thoughts.  (Time was given for Marianne to commune with her loved one alone and silently.)
Ariana:  Marianne, did you have children with Ronald?  I wasn’t feeling any.  (No.)
     When you go to Spirit, your togetherness will be different.  There is no marriage over there.  The love is greater than any love you have experienced on this planet but there are no commitments. 
Kataan:  You are never dependent upon anybody else in Spirit because when you go over, the strength that you have garnered over many lifetimes living on Earth and returning to Spirit gives you strength and all of that strength is with you, as well as knowledge, that you can tune into.  You become a very strong being of Light when you return to that wonderful world.  When you want to see somebody, you think about them and you are together.  That’s how you will be with Ronald, very much your own personality, not dependent upon him but being with him whenever you want to, with love high in your heart.

The Future of the Relationship

 Kataan:  You see, you have spent many lifetimes with this man, Marianne, many lifetimes on this planet, a long time before the time of Jesus’ lifetime.  Ronald has been in your life as a son.  There was a lifetime when you were the man and he was the woman.  You have switched roles and done all kinds of experiencing together.   That is why your feeling is so intense about him now.  You have learned so many lessons and accomplished so much spiritual growth together.  He is tremendously excited to know that you do plan to continue your relationship into the future.  Perhaps the planet of love, Venus will be the next destination for you two! (That joyful thought brought forth a gentle blush and suppressed giggles from Marianne!)
     A nice time to say a few words to Ronald would be just before you go to sleep at night when you are in bed.  That is a very opportunistic time to speak to your loved ones in Spirit and sometimes when you do that they will return the favor by sending you a dream.  You will likely not understand the dream because dreams are given in symbols and also sometimes they are difficult to remember.  They are not too direct but that’s another connection that your guides do to help you on the planet.  If you are trying to solve a problem or make a decision, just before you go to sleep you could ask Ronald (or a spirit guide) to give you a dream that would help you with your decision.
     Love’s blessing continues between dimensions.  You are together even though you live in different worlds.
Spoken by Ariana Sheran, Inter-dimensional Channel

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