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Atmospheric Magnesium Disclosed

by Clifford E Carnicom

     The presence of substantial amounts of elemental magnesium within the atmosphere, as procured from rainfall samples, has now been established through recent tests. There is now a need for the extensive collection of rainfall samples by citizens to validate or refute those results which have been obtained locally in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
     The method developed to establish this finding is simple to perform, inexpensive and is readily available to all concerned citizens.
     The current findings deserve broad distribution due to the simplicity of the method used and the level of access for confirmation or refutation now available to each citizen.
     The method of determination of magnesium within atmospheric samples is as follows:

1. Collect rainfall samples in a clean container. 2. Place approximately 2-3 ml (approx. 1/2 tsp.) of a rainfall sample in a clean test tube or container. 3. Add several drops (e.g., 4 to 5) of copper sulfate solution to the rainfall sample. This solution is inexpensive and readily available at aquarium shops. 4. After a few minutes have elapsed, extract a single drop of the rainfall + copper sulfate solution, and place it on a clean microscope slide or a piece of glass. 5. Let the drop evaporate completely at room temperature without disturbance. 6. A crystalline form is expected to develop if sufficient metal concentration exists within the rainfall sample. Each trial conducted thus far on samples obtained Oct 12, 2000 and June 7, 2001 in Santa Fe NM has produced the visible crystalline form. 7. This crystalline form can be identified through a variety of methods, e.g., visual and chemical. Identification processes thus far confirm the existence of magnesium sulfate as a product of the reaction with copper sulfate. This demonstrates the presence of elemental magnesium within the rainfall sample tested. Essentially, the magnesium will replace the copper within the solution, and will precipitate into a solid sulfate form that can be crystallized under the conditions described. 8. A ring of copper sulfate crystals, visually distinctive, is expected to form on the perimeter of the crystal development. Magnesium sulfate crystals will form interior to this ring. 9. An inexpensive hobby microscope ($15-$30) at low power (100x) is sufficient to examine the crystal formations.
     Numerous control tests of crystalline observations have been conducted, which include: 1. Pure water (reverse osmosis). 2. Reverse osmosis water with copper sulfate added. 3. Copper sulfate solution alone. 4. Rainwater samples alone. 5. Rainwater samples with copper sulfate added. 6. Magnesium sulfate solution alone. 7. Magnesium sulfate with copper sulfate added.
     Sufficient variations exist between the control samples and the current findings to justify this presentation. If any alternate identification of the crystal form that develops is made, please provide that finding along with the basis of the decisions.
     The reaction under consideration is: Mg + CuSO4 - MgSO4 + Cu
     Magnesium sulfate (commonly known as Epsom salt) has the following properties: 1. Distinctive visual identification under the microscope. Linear, prism or filament crystals are commonly formed. 2. Soluble in water. 3. Soluble in alcohol. 4. Soluble in glycerin. 5. Distinctive bitter taste (also known as bitter salt). 6. Dissolves in both hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. 7. Colorless, transparent or whitish crystal.
     Additional important properties to consider for additional analysis within the aerosol operations include the density, conductivity and ionizability of the element or compound. Magnesium is an extremely light metal, approximately 2/3 the weight of aluminum. Magnesium is extremely conductive, on par with copper and aluminum. Magnesium can be ionized with the energy available within the ultra-violet portion of the spectrum.
     These findings provide further evidence of the aerosol operations that have been conducted and remain in progress without the informed consent and knowledge of the citizenry. These findings provide further just cause for the call of accountability and disclosure that remains. All citizens are urged to take an active role to resolve these issues.
     It can be stated that the original motivation for this research involves an attempt to physically identify the barium presence that is strongly evidenced by data that has been made available. The high level of solubility in water of the resulting crystal form immediately dismisses barium sulfate as the candidate of examination for this test that has been developed. Elemental magnesium, combining with the sulfate ion provided by the copper sulfate solution, exists as the viable solution to the problem of identification of this crystal. Sufficient and credible evidence to support the claims of unexpected levels of barium in the atmosphere as an adjunct of the aerosol operations remains in force. Recall that attention has repeatedly been directed toward all elements within Groups I and II of the periodic table.
     Past external data that has been made available to me reveals the unusual presence of both magnesium and barium within atmospheric samples. As the data within those reports has not yet been publicly distributed, they have not been given undue attention. Previous data made available to me that indicated the presence of unusual amounts of magnesium in the atmosphere is now elevated in status.
     Evidence continues to accumulate that certain metals, i.e., magnesium and barium, as well as certain biological and fibrous components, are established as the core elements of the aerosol operations in progress. Current testing suggests that magnesium may indeed be the dominant metallic component present. Toxicity levels between varying metals stands as a separate issue. Aggressive testing for these two metal forms as a minimum is now required.
     Research on this finding will continue. Any revisions or corrections to this presentation will be made as is appropriate.
by Clifford E Carnicom Jun 10 2001

Additional Notes:
     Numerous other sulfate forms have been considered as a part of the analysis, and each has been eliminated as a candidate of further evaluation by a variety of methods.
     In each of the following cases, one or more conditions preclude further consideration in light of the properties that have been observed. The alternative sulfate forms which have been eliminated from further consideration within this test form include: 1. Cadmium sulfate—effloresces, i.e., crumbles upon exposure to the air. 2. Sodium sulfate—(1) visibly different from the crystal obtained (2) yellow solution formed upon addition of copper sulfate to sodium chloride solution. (3) color variation. 3. stannous sulfate—no significant reaction will take place between tin and copper in solution due to the electrochemical potential difference between the elements. 4. barium sulfate—not soluble in water. 5. calcium sulfate—only moderately soluble in water. 6. cobalt sulfate—melting point of 98.6 deg. C. 7. copper sulfate—appearance, blue color. 8. iron sulfate—blue-green color. 9. mercuric sulfate—not soluble in water. 10. magnesium sulfate—not eliminated, satisfies all conditions and properties. 11. manganese sulfate—color, melts at 30 deg. C. 12. lead sulfate—insoluble in alcohol. 13. strontium sulfate—insoluble in alcohol. 14. potassium sulfate—insoluble in alcohol. 15. aluminum sulfate—melting point of 87—92.5 deg. C.
     The copper sulfate solution used in these tests is manufactured by Aquarium Products, Glen Burnie MD, and has a stated strength of metallic copper at 1.61%.

Chemtrails: Prove-It-Yourself

by Diane Harvey

     As the extensive operation of anomalous aerosol activity in our skies continues, the efforts of many hardworking and deeply concerned activists are bearing fruit. Despite the ongoing intense secrecy and a particularly vicious disinformation campaign designed to dissuade the public from even looking into this matter, more and more people are nevertheless becoming aware of this phenomenon. Every day, the original salient questions are being asked all over again by a number of newly awakened and startled citizens. "What am I looking at here?" "How can I know that something strange is going on?" "How do I know who to believe?" The following information is an attempt to provide a model for individual investigation, suitable for use by any interested and open-minded citizen.
     All people of sound mind, sufficiently motivated to do so, have the innate capacity to answer the fundamental questions about chemtrails for themselves. There is no need to take someone else’s word for any of this. In fact, in a world of second-hand and derivative information, the best action we can take is to use our own mental powers and direct perceptions in pursuit of the basic truth. Because there is no great difficulty in satisfying a reasonably rigorous mind as to the presence of something very strange in our skies.
     There is a relatively simple method to prove the existence of chemtrails overhead in your own area, as opposed to normal contrails. This do-it-yourself proof only takes time, patience, and normal powers of observation. The following outline will attempt to describe an optimum generic situation in order to make this experiment available to as many people as possible.
     The first step requires establishing a minimum familiarity with routine airplane traffic in your location. This is a matter of public record, but it is much easier to see for yourself just by watching and recording the times and directions of scheduled air traffic. At regular times the flights to and from various locations from Companies A, B and C fly along their normal flight paths above you. These times and flight paths do not vary much in normal circumstances and are easily observed day after day, week after week, at approximately the same time, position, and altitude. Especially away from major urban centers, there is a fairly easily observable pattern to normal flight traffic in one’s area, even considering the variations and changes now and again. If you live where contrails are a normal occurrence in the atmosphere, then also look carefully over a period of time at how long they tend to last under differing weather conditions, at different times. Keeping notes of personal observations from the beginning will be very useful in establishing the ordinary daily picture overhead in your own area.
     Normal air traffic is of course obliged by law to follow normal flight regulations. This means that each plane must keep a considerable distance from all others, in its own generously allotted airspace. Even without consciously thinking about this, we all have unconsciously registered the usual distances planes keep from others in our local skies. If you don’t live near a large airport, then this will be especially obvious. The first easy step towards proving to yourself and others that chemtrails actually exist will present itself when three or four or more planes fly back and forth close together across the sky.
     No normal air traffic ever does any such thing as fly in close formation, turn, and fly back together over the same airspace. Even if you are not able to watch them turn together, you will be able to see the unusual closeness of these formations of aircraft without any trouble. A good pair of binoculars will reveal that the common type of white chemtrail planes have no company logos or any other identifying markings. Their close proximity to one another violates all commercial FAA regulations as well. These are important facts and proof positive that this isn’t regular commercial traffic. You now know you are at the very least looking at military flights. An additional proof that these are military planes (although none is needed) is that the flight formation, in the time and space you are noting, will not appear in normal FAA flight records. The FAA does not record military traffic, and will be happy to tell you so.
     The next step is to watch for the eye-catching phenomena of the unusual patterns and unusual qualities of trails accompanying such a formation. If you look up in the sky and see several grids and X’s forming from this close group of unmarked planes, where normally such patterns do not exist, then here is the chance to build your own proof that chemtrails do exist. If you have been watching the regular flights overhead, then you know that these formations are anomalous. These are not Companies A, B, and C flying their usual routes in their usual ways. And now is the chance to prove to your own satisfaction that these military planes are also discharging something other than jet fuel. Over time, as you have been noting the regularity of commercial air traffic in your local airspace, you will also have been observing the behavior of emissions from normal commercial air traffic. The contrails from these will usually appear to be normal contrails, dissipating in the normal time and manner for the circumstances. By now you will have also established what kind of linear patterns in the atmosphere normal contrails leave, as dictated by the air space commercial traffic must maintain between planes at all times.
     Under the very same weather and altitude conditions in which you have been seeing normal commercial traffic emissions produce whatever kind of contrail is normal for your locality, you will most likely now see something else entirely. It is almost always possible to directly observe that these unmarked planes flying in close formation are leaving a very different kind of trail. First of all, as stated, the trails being left are usually in odd checkerboard, grid, X’s, stripes, or even circles. This is very distinctly abnormal compared to what you will see resulting from normal airline traffic. Secondly, only these military planes are leaving trails that do not dissipate, as the others do under the very same weather and altitude conditions. Instead, they very slowly spread out over the sky and join together, forming a distinct cloudy haze. This again is easily provable by simple observation. All you have to do is watch this happen over a period of a few hours at the most, and often within a much shorter time span. The standard explanation of ice crystals and contrail formations self-destructs here right before your eyes. Because under the conditions in which we have observed chemtrails, all the other air traffic in the vicinity at the time, at approximately the same altitudes, are leaving normal contrails. These normal contrails are definitely not spreading out and coalescing into a thick hazy "cloud" cover.
     Therefore by means of simple patient direct perception of these two distinct types of trails occurring nearly simultaneously, you can see for yourself that a highly sophisticated disinformation campaign is being waged around this issue. There has been a military operation dispersing aerosols of unknown origins, for unknown reasons, throughout our atmosphere for the last couple of years. Whatever these aerosols are, and whatever their purpose is, they are at the very least in direct violation of the law of informed consent and the EPA’s own laws of atmospheric discharges.
     Much confusion arises due to not taking the time to observe carefully the slow unfolding of the phenomena of chemtrails overhead, as compared to normal contrail formations in the immediate vicinity. We need to take the time first and foremost to establish the image in our minds of what "normal" contrails actually look like in our own locations. It is not possible to go out and look at the sky every once in a while and try to guess from scratch what we are looking at, with no familiarity with local conditions, weather and routine flight paths. Once we consciously recognize the standard for "normal", then we will instantly recognize these anomalies and be able to closely follow how chemtrails unfold in our skies.
     Extensive research indicates clearly that the military has many reasons for drastically altering the chemistry of our atmosphere at this time. It is to be hoped therefore that rather than dismiss this issue, or leave it to others to investigate the truth of all this, that citizens of our country assume the responsibility for judging for themselves what is happening behind our backs and above our heads.
     For the largest collection of detailed and general information on all important aspects of this phenomena, the following website is recommended: